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Surprising My Toddlers with Hotel Transylvania-Themed Movie fun

Hi, I am Seiraa, and a mom to two! I have always loved horror stories which pretty much explains why my children of 3 and 4 are crazy about Count Dracula. They have watched all the parts of the movie “Hotel Transylvania” and even own a “Hotel Transylvania-themed playroom. They are completely obsessed with Count Dracula, Mavis, Johnny, Blobby, Frankenstein, Murray, and Denis ( or shall I say Denni-Sovich)  With their birthday around the corner I decided to notch up my game and give them a Transylvania-themed movie night. Since they haven’t watched the new part “Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania” I decided it would be a cozy movie night without me having to entertain them and a bunch of other kids in a regular birthday party.

Hotel Transylvania

1. Planning the Perfect Movie Night with Weltbild

To start, I needed to gather all the supplies and decorations for our Hotel Transylvania-themed movie night. Weltbild, the one-stop online store for all things creative and imaginative, came to my rescue. With a wide array of products, from movies and books to party supplies and costumes, Weltbild was the perfect place to get started. Plus, they offer quick and convenient shipping, which was a lifesaver for my last-minute planning.

2. The Essentials: Hotel Transylvania Movies

Of course, no Hotel Transylvania-themed movie night would be complete without the films themselves. Weltbild had an impressive collection of movies to choose from, including all three Hotel Transylvania films. I decided to go with a movie marathon, starting with the first movie and ending with the latest one to keep the excitement going.

3. Creating a Spooktacular Atmosphere

To set the scene for our Hotel Transylvania adventure, I needed to create an eerie and fun atmosphere. Weltbild had a fantastic selection of Halloween decorations, including spooky banners, ghostly balloons, and cobweb tablecloths. These additions transformed our living room into a spooky, yet kid-friendly, space perfect for our themed night.

4. Fangtastic Costumes

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a Hotel Transylvania-themed movie night is dressing up as your favorite character. Weltbild had a range of costumes inspired by the movie, so my little ones could become mini-Mavis or Dracula for the night. The excitement on their faces when they put on their costumes was priceless!

5. Fang-tastic Snacks and Treats

Weltbild also offered an array of creative kitchen tools and cookbooks, so I could whip up some delicious and thematic snacks for our movie night. I found recipes for “Drac’s Spooky Slime Soup,” “Mummy Dogs,” and “Vampire Punch” in one of their cookbooks. My kids loved helping me prepare these fun, Halloween-inspired treats.

6. Themed Activities

To keep the energy high, I looked for activities inspired by the movie. Weltbild‘s selection of craft kits and activity books proved to be a treasure trove. I found a Hotel Transylvania coloring book, and the kids had a blast coloring in their favorite characters.

7. Fangtastic Surprise Boxes

A big hit of the night was the surprise boxes I found on Weltbild. I filled them with little Hotel Transylvania-themed toys, stickers, and treats. These were handed out as rewards for fun trivia questions about the movie, creating moments of excitement throughout the evening.

8. Wrapping It Up with Weltbild

As the night came to an end, I realized that Weltbild had truly been the key to the success of our Hotel Transylvania-themed movie night. From decorations and costumes to movies and books, they had everything I needed to make the night a memorable experience for my Dracula-loving toddlers.

Hotel Transylvania


In the end, our Hotel Transylvania-themed movie night was a huge success. Thanks to Weltbild, I was able to create a fangtastic experience that my kids will remember for a long time. If you’re ever in need of party supplies, costumes, movies, or books to make your event special, I can’t recommend Weltbild enough. Not only do they offer a wide range of products, but their user-friendly website and quick delivery service make the planning process a breeze.

So, whether you’re surprising your kids with a movie night or hosting a themed party, consider turning to Weltbild to help bring your creative ideas to life. It’s the perfect destination for parents who want to make every moment with their children unforgettable. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create special memories – check out Weltbild and let your imagination run wild. Your kids will thank you for it!

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